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Great Book Giveaways

In an effort to promote childhood literacy, we hold The Great Book Giveaway every March in connection with National Reading Month. The Great Book Giveaway features story time, refreshments, fun photo props, and as the name implies, free books for the children in attendance.  We also remind parents of the importance of reading aloud to their young children.

Christmas Cheer Program

For families already under enormous emotional and financial pressure, not being able to buy Christmas presents for their children can push them to the breaking point.   

Through grant awards and generous donations from individuals and businesses, each registered child receives two new books and a filled Christmas stocking.  To date, Children’s Aid, Inc. has been able to brighten Christmas morning for 563 hildren.

Youth Sports Scholarships

In an effort to provide at-risk children with opportunities for physical activity, Youth Sports Scholarships are provided for a variety of activities, including football, soccer, basketball and baseball.  Sports are a great way for kids to keep physically fit, increase their concentration level and build self-esteem. All this, while developing teamwork, cooperation and discipline, and having fun to boot.  To date, 70 Calvert County children have been awarded youth sports scholarships and we are currently working to expand the program.  

Operation Backpack

Often, children who do not have the proper school supplies are too ashamed to admit it and end up falling behind.  Students cannot do their best if they do not have the right tools. Our goal is to highlight the importance of education as well as help the students approach the beginning of the school year with a greater sense of confidence and hope.

Operation Backpack provides registered Calvert children with a backpack filled with new school supplies and a new, age-appropriate book.  To date, 1,115 Calvert County children have participated in the Operation Backpack Program.